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We provide fast currency news and tradable insights

Our analysts monitor global newswires and interpret market moving events for you. Instantly.

A Forex Source subscription is priced at $247 USD per month. within the app.

Our Credibility

Forex Source is a leading currency analysis service. We provide real-time FX news and actionable insights to hedge funds, trading desks, brokers and professional traders.

Our educational analysis also helps retail traders gain a professional edge. Our professional analysts monitor the world’s leading financial news and analysis terminals. Our commentary directly highlights specific trading opportunities.

Our eDGE

We bring you high probability trading opportunities which help you make more money. Here’s how…

Hear Forex News First

Our audio squawk quickly alerts you to market moving events. Our professional analysts scour global newswires so you catch every currency move. There’s a secret to trading this…

Stay Tuned in to the Market

Tuning into the FX markets helps you recognise profit making opportunities quickly. Our sentiment stream keeps you tuned in around the clock. But this isn’t all…

insights You Can Trade With

We provide unique insights into every market moving event. These allow you to understand exactly how to make money from these events. There is just one big problem… 

Analysis you Will lEARN from

To trade news profitably you must follow a professional. Our analysts interpret every event as they happen. Understand why the markets move and you will make more money.

Who It's for

It’s not just bank traders that make more money with Forex Source. Here’s who it can help…

Professional Traders

You trade alone from home or a desk. You don’t have the time and resources to constantly monitor every newswire around the clock. But you know how important this process is…

Forex Source does all of the work for you. You only have one stream to follow. We only post market moving news that you want to see. We also squawk events that have potential to move the market now. You won’t miss any high probability trading event.

Retail Traders

You know that news moves currency prices but you don’t fully understand how or why. You’ve been told that economic data releases are dangerous. Most online fundamental analysis training is generic and offers no actionable process to follow.

Our analysts reveal the reasons behind every major market move. We explain how you can use each piece of information to place trades. Over time you learn how to trade the fundamentals like a pro.

Fund Managers

You’re trying to service your investors as well as actively trade. You’re under pressure to make money every day. You want the opportunities that will move the market now.

Forex Source only alerts you when something big happens. Our sentiment stream allows you to stay tuned in without spending hours at your screens. We put all of the analysis together into actionable trade ideas to save you time and effort.


Your dealing desk becomes exposed to the market around significant risk events. You need to have your finger on the pulse of the market. You don’t have the resources to hire an entire team of analysts.

Forex Source is your eyes and ears for the FX market. When something happens that can bring risk for your business, you’ll know about it first. We help you stay ahead of the market and position your business to reduce risk at all times.

A Forex Source subscription is priced at $247 USD per month. within the app.


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