We Help You Master Fundamental Analysis

We interpret & explain currency price moves in real-time, as they happen. Our commentary is delivered around the clock via text, audio and video.

What Is Forex Source?

We’re a team of professional currency analysts. We help traders understand and master the concept of fundamental analysis.

You’re probably aware that news moves the market. We help you understand how that process works so you can profit from it. We do this via our educational market commentary. We explain and interpret price moves, in real time, around the clock.

We also filter every piece of market moving news and information into one single feed for you to follow. If it moves the market, you’ll hear and see it inside our terminal first.

If you’re new to trading, our service is an education on how and why currency prices move every day. You’ll start predicting those moves & your trading results will improve.

If you’re an experienced trader, our service is a clear edge in the market. You’ll get every piece of breaking news and market moving information in one place, fast enough to make money from it.

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How Does It Work?

Our core product is the Forex Source Terminal. We scour every major newswire and review every research report from the top investment banks. We’re also partnered with some of the world’s top financial data providers.

You’ll receive our expert commentary and interpretation, around the clock. We show you how to convert financial news and analysis into actionable trade ideas.

We do this via our sentiment stream. This is a text-based headline feed that constantly provides actionable commentary and breaking news.

You’ll also be able to follow our real-time video commentary. For every significant price move, our team record a concise video to review it, explain it, and guide you on how to trade it.

Our audio squawk is designed to alert you to the big moves quickly. As soon as we spot a trading opportunity, we immediately broadcast it via your PC speakers.

You’ll also have access to our live webinars every day. These will help you understand how to trade with fundamental analysis and ask any question you have, in real-time.

We also provide educational video tutorials and training. These lessons show you one specific strategy to look out for every day.

All of this is housed inside the Forex Source Terminal Website.
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How Does It Work?

Our core product is the Forex Source Trading Terminal. With this tool, you can access the same breaking news, research and analysis that our professional subscribers trade with.

Users view these real-time updates as the oxygen to their trading. They simply couldn’t operate without it.

We want to help you reach that level of professional understanding too. It’s why we’ve developed a suite of free educational resources to teach you why currency prices move (and how you can use the terminal to profit from those moves).

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