Forex Source was founded in 2018 by FX trading expert Jarratt Davis.

Jarratt began his journey into FX trading in 2005 as a retail trader searching online. He eventually became an FCA regulated investment professional.

He understands the difficulties that everyday people face when trying to trade FX professionally.

He established Forex Source and the Jarratt Davis Training Academy to provide tools and resources to help you understand the FX markets on a professional level.

His own success began when he was introduced to the concept of fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis helps you to understand the reasons behind why currency prices move.

Everything we do here at Forex Source is dedicated to helping you master this concept.

Our knowledge base is regularly updated with new educational articles. We are also working on a range of professional trading tools to improve your trading edge.

You can also visit our feedback page to help us improve the site for you. This helps us to add new content and features that you actually want and use.

Jarratt’s dedicated support team are also on hand to answer any questions you have. Just click the orange chat app to talk to them.