Our affiliate partner programme is designed to help website owners and advertisers snowball their income streams by selling our products.

What We Do

Unlike most retail trading products, ours delivers exactly what it promises, keeping subscribers happy and loyal for the long term.

The subscription nature of our product also makes it a great choice for website owners looking to maximise and snowball their monthly revenues.

How It Works

We have three tiers of commission sharing that you can take advantage of. The goal is to motivate you to become a lifelong partner and grow your business with us.

Every tier pays out the commission for the entire life of the subscription. If your subscriber stays with us for a year, you get paid every month for a year.

The first tier is our 20% commissions programme. Everyone starts here and it pays you 20% of every subscription that you introduce.

This is perfect for partners that are looking to introduce their friends or trading colleagues.

The second tier is our 35% commissions programme. You can apply for this as soon as you have generated $10,000 USD in total subscription revenue.

You will receive 35% of every subscription you introduce. The best part is that you get this 35% on all your active subscriptions, not just new ones.

The third and final tier is our 50% commissions programme. You can apply for this as soon as you have generated total subscription revenues of $100,000 USD.

Every Dollar of revenue that you generate counts towards this goal. There are no annoying terms and conditions.

All of your pre-existing subscriptions will be included under the 50% share along with all new ones that you onboard.

We want to do everything we can to help you reach the top tier as quickly as possible.

Ready To Become A Partner?

Click the button below to register your partner account. You’ll be able to log into our online affiliate portal and start selling Forex Source within minutes.

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