Can You Trade Without A News Feed?

The short answer is yes, you can. But once you know the benefits, you won't want to.
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can you trade without a news feed
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Trade Without A News Feed – Is It Possible?

Can you trade without a news feed? Well, a news feed gives you a number of advantages than if you didn’t have a news feed.

So one of the first things that a news feed does is it gives you breaking news. So just by using the squawk service and having it on, it means that any breaking news, you will be one of the first to hear it and in some instances it can be really helpful information.


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For example, if there was more positive news from Moderna that the vaccine was really effective or that there were some more trials done or some more positive sentiment, could really boost risk sentiment and it could be this kind of sentiment that was fast and if it’s new enough and fresh enough, you could enter a risk trade on that news. So the first thing is that a news feed gives you actionable insights that you can profit from in a very quick way.

The other thing that a news feed also gives you is it highlights sudden movements in price. It’s very difficult to be looking at all the charts at any one time. When you’re not looking at the charts, you may be doing some research or looking at something else, it’s easy to miss sharp and sudden moves, particularly if you haven’t got six or seven screens, maybe you’re even on just one screen, so one of the benefits of having a news squawk service, it does highlight to you some of the large moves and also gives you the reasons why they are.

So sometimes it will tell you why that move was and if there wasn’t a reason for that move, that can also be very helpful information.

The other good thing about a news feed is it gives you future events, let’s you know when future events are coming, gives you some primers, some updates on breaking economic events that are ahead, so you can prepare and get ready for them.

There’s also, the other thing about news feeds, is you get analysis, so you get little analysis underneath some of these explanations, just explaining a little bit more context and detail.

So can you trade without a news feed? I would argue that you really shouldn’t trade without a news feed because having a news feed gives you the reasons for the market moves and also helps you to stay up, straight, right on top of breaking news.

So you’ll be one of the first to hear it, so you can be the first to respond. I think without a news feed, some of the major narratives would be very difficult to follow, if you weren’t aware of what is being communicated via those news feeds.


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