Scroll down to see real-life case studies from other traders. They all improved their trading performance after adopting a fundamental based trading approach.

TABISH, United States

Tabish started trading with a wholly technical based approach. He lost lots of money chasing different systems and going in circles. Since using Forex Source and understanding how currencies move, his performance speaks for itself. Through 2019 he returned over 20%. His maximum drawdown was less than 4%.

FRANCIS, Australia

Francis combines fundamental and technical analysis to find high conviction trades. Since he started using Forex Source, he’s now able to generate consistent profit over a sustained period of time. Understanding the markets helped him escape the cycle of system chasing and become confident in the markets. He generated over 10% return during 2019.

GUY, Netherlands

Guy credits his consistently profitable track record to an understanding of how to apply fundamental analysis. Understanding why markets move and how to use news, research and analysis to find high probability trades have helped his trading improve. In between September 2017 and September 2019 Guy averaged 2.3% per month on his account.

ANDREW, Australia

When trading with purely technical analysis, Andrew described his trading as a “slow grind, with ups and downs”. Since using fundamental analysis, he now enjoys much more consistent results than he ever thought possible. His track record shows consistent growth over a 12-month period. Something he had never come close to achieving beforehand.


Steve started trading with charts and indicators. His results were a steady run of losses on his account. In mid-2019 he started applying fundamental analysis. He began understanding why currencies move and predicting those moves based on those drivers. His track record turned around almost immediately and generated steady gains instead.

TIM, Australia

In 2017, Tim decided to stop focusing on technical analysis and searching for a ‘holy grail’ strategy. He started to explore the concept of fundamental analysis and understanding the markets in more depth. His progress was almost instant. In the year that followed he was able to generate over 11% on his account. This was a stark contrast to the consistent losses he suffered previously.


Farhan always felt he had the characteristics to succeed as a trader. But he also felt something was holding him back. He was constantly switching indicators and systems to no avail. Despite his increase in knowledge, his results never improved. He joined our community and started to apply fundamental analysis to his trading. This has led to impressive returns and a multi-year track record of consistent trading

JON, Australia

Jon began implementing fundamental analysis and news trading in early 2017. He was aware of the value of the fundamentals early on in his trading journey. This saved him from wasted time and frustration. He now relies on Forex Source every day and couldn’t trade without the market moving information we provide.

CARLOS, Portugal

Carlos began learning with our content in early 2016. It helped him deepen his understanding of how and why currencies move. Carlos’ goal is to launch his own asset management business and trade professionally. When he submitted his performance, he had grown his account over 51% in just over 12 months


Merle’s initial focus was almost entirely on technical indicators. After little success he decided to give serious consideration to fundamental analysis and news trading. He experienced an almost immediate improvement in his trading results. He credits this to a deeper understanding of the markets. Merle now has confidence in each trade because he knows they are in line with the fundamental direction.

JIMMI, Australia

Jimmi was so focused on technical trading that he became a certified technical analyst by the IFTA. Despite his technical expertise, he still couldn’t attain consistent profitability. There was always something missing. After joining our community and applying fundamental analysis, he achieved 6 months of consistent profitability for the first time. This was a huge milestone in his trading journey

AHMED, Germany

Ahmed began his trading by following online ‘gurus’ that recommended trading with only price charts and indicators. His results were inconsistent and he struggled to generate any kind of profit. After consuming our content and applying the principles of fundamental trading, Ahmed noticed a radical shift. He developed the ability to generate consistent profits from his trading. This was the kickstart to his trading career.

ELAINE, Canada

When we invited our subscribers to share their story, Elaine was keen to get involved. After struggling for years, using purely technical based systems she worked hard to implement fundamental analysis. She was shocked to experience the dramatic difference it made to her trading results. She was finally able to product 6 months of consistent profits. A feat she’d never come close to achieving before.


Ryan started trading to grow his savings. He began by trying to trade technical systems with high amounts of leverage. This yielded nothing but losses and frustration. He then explored the concept of fundamental analysis and focused on trading with low leverage, consistently. This fresh focus on news trading and fundamental analysis helped him increase his account by almost 100% over a 12-month period.

STEVE, Philippines

Steve was already aware that breaking news moved currencies. After joining our community, he began implementing fundamental analysis on a deeper level. Steve’s results allowed him to quit his job and build a small trade copying business. He was able to move to the Philippines with his family for a better quality of life. Steve credits his progress to the application of fundamental analysis.


Paul was determined to build a small money management business from his trading. He began with the usual cycle of technical system chasing and frustration. He then started incorporating news trading and fundamental analysis into his process. His results improved and he went on to become a registered CTA in the US. He submitted one of his track records which showed a 38% return over 18 months.

ZAIN, Pakistan

Zain was taught that it would be quick and easy to generate an income from trading. He bought indicators, systems and courses. None of which yielded the quick, easy profits he was hoping for. After deciding to figure out how the markets moved fundamentally, he started to make progress. After gradual improvement he was able to generate a 92% return on his own small account.


Francisco has the ambition to trade professionally for clients. His first goal was to achieve a period of consistent profits on his personal account. He spent a lot of time back-testing technical strategies. The live results never matched the back tested ones. He then dedicated time to implementing fundamental analysis. He was able to generate 9 months of consistent profits on his own small account.

ALBERTO, Australia

Alberto submitted his track record after spending a lot of time going in circles and switching technical systems. He finally studied fundament al analysis and the results were an impressive run of 6 months consistent profits. He credits the application of fundamental analysis as the turning point in his trading career.


Andrew confessed that he tried ‘everything’ as a trader. This included a lot of wasted time searching for perfect systems. After studying the fundamentals and applying careful risk management he eventually found success. His initial results showed a consistently profitable run over 6 months. This was the first time he’d even got close to such an achievement. Everything started improving with the addition of fundamental analysis

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