This Week’s Economic Calendar

US-China Tensions Back In Focus For Risk Flows

Just when the world thought things couldn’t get any worse, the US and China relationship takes a nosedive with both sides threatening serious retaliatory measures against each other. This week, the strained relationship will take center stage as markets digest the recent and possible actions from both sides.

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Which Asset Class Has Got It Right?

As the bond, commodity and currency markets continue to price in more risk to come, we’ve seen the equity market show some cautionary flows this week. This upcoming week, US-China tensions will be front of mind as markets digest flash PMI data & ongoing virus statistics.

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Has The Bad News Been Priced In?

Better-than-expect seems to be the phrase that equity markets have been banking on over the past few weeks. However, there’s an interesting divergence brewing across global macro markets as fixed income, commodities and currencies are not sharing the equity market’s recent enthusiasm.

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Is QE Enough To Stop USD Strength?

With the FED introducing an unlimited QE program and the US government pledging US$2.6 trillion to support the economy, the USD hasn’t seen the upside one would expect during these uncertain times. But that might be about to change.

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