EM Contagion Fears Support Safe Havens

Monday, August 13 – Asia Session Recap

During the Asia-Pacific session, the market was firmly focused on TRY which continued its sell-off following a defiant tone from President Erdogan.  USDTRY initially rallied over 10% until Turkey’s banking regulator placed a limit on FX swaps, helping to cap the market at the 7.0000 handle.

Furthermore, the market’s sell-off of TRY spread to other EM currencies with ZAR falling by around 10%, a 2-year low while IDR declined to a 3-year low.

As such, both USD and JPY have strengthened on safe-haven flows. EURUSD gapped lower at the open to trade firmly below the 1.14 handle while EURJPY gapped below the 126.00 handle at the open.

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