Most frequent questions and answers

Forex Source doesn’t teach or promote any specific trading ‘system’ or ‘strategy’.

In fact, our service can be used to compliment almost any type of trading strategy you may already enjoy using.

We help traders in three very important ways: 

Firstly, we interpret and explain price movements in real-time. This helps you understand why currencies are moving so you can make your trading decisions with 100% confidence. 

Secondly, we help you prepare for and predict the next big move on major currencies. This helps you plan trades in advance and react quickly when you see the next big move about to play out. 

Thirdly, we scour every research note and news-wire and make sure you know about anything that is market moving, as quickly as possible.  

We do all the work and you get the information fast enough to trade with. 

We provide a clear information advantage, but your trading success will ultimately depend on yourself. 

We only allow people to take one free trial every 60 days. To ensure this we require some extra information to verify each account. 

An email address alone is not enough so we use a combination of info, including payment card details.  

We understand the common concerns people have with handing over their payment information, so we designed our 4-point free trial guarantee. 

  • We never charge you until day 14 of your trial 
  • We’ll remind you on day 12, in case you want to cancel 
  • If you forget to use your trial, we’ll automatically cancel your billing for you 
  • You have no commitment and can cancel at any time in just two clicks 

If you have any further questions about this please contact our support team today. 

We do not recommend any specific brokers. Our advice is to only work with brokers that you trust and that are regulated in your home country or a country with a well-established regulatory system. 

The short answer is yes.

Currencies move over days, weeks and months. The same forces drive them in the short term and long term.

The short-term driver is usually something called sentiment. This is the mood of the market at any given time. Day traders tap into this to catch the best moves.

The longer-term driver is normally something called long-term fundamentals. This is simply the markets expectations about how the Central Bank will adjust the interest rate next.

Swing traders use this to position their long-term trades accurately.

Our Trading Terminal provides research, news and analysis for both long term and short-term traders to utilize.

We have an entire knowledge base that we keep regularly updated with videos, articles and lessons to help you understand the markets better.

You can visit it here.

We also have a very active YouTube channel where we regularly post new analysis and training content to help you get up to speed with the fundamentals driving currencies.

Subscribe to our channel here.

We have our own team of analysts around the world. They are tuned into over 163 different sources of information. These include, newswires and social media channels.

They produce actionable insights and trade ideas based on all of the available fundamental information.

We also have a range of data partners. These include some of the biggest names in financial news.

We direct their breaking news and market moving information right into the Forex Source terminal. You only need to watch one single feed.

We’re constantly expanding our team of analysts, partners and data providers. Our goal is to provide a clear trading edge for our clients.

We believe that ours is one of the leading products in the industry. Try it yourself with our free 14-day trial.

If it’s not for you, just cancel at any time inside the terminal with a couple of clicks.

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