Has The Bad News Been Priced In?

Better-than-expect seems to be the phrase that equity markets have been banking on over the past few weeks. However, there’s an interesting divergence brewing across global macro markets as fixed income, commodities and currencies are not sharing the equity market’s recent enthusiasm.
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What’s the worst that could happen? That seems to be the stock market’s rationale by looking at the recent equity market performance.

We’ve seen risk assets largely discount the slew of devastating economic data. Instead, the focus is on the re-opening of global economies and the recovery that is to follow.

This has left some market participants confused on why the equity market is so positive. However, looking across global macro we can see that Fixed Income, Commodities and Currency markets have not shared the recent optimism.

The question is which asset class is right? Only time will tell, and this week’s upcoming events might nudge us further towards a more definitive answer.

This week ahead video will help you prepare for this week’s upcoming events and provide insights into how you could possibly trade it as well.


Highlights of the video:

00:38 – Current Baseline

04:50 – Baseline expectations for the upcoming risk event

08:01 – Possible sentiment shifts 11:58 – Possible currency pairs to consider

11:58 – Possible currency pairs to consider




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